The Emerald Triangle

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The Emerald Triangle

Untouched Thailand in the Emerald Triangle, Khmer temples, waterfalls, national parks, stretches of coast not yet discovered by tourists: all of this is offered with the route from the Emerald Triangle to Bangkok.


970 km





Travel time:

4 weeks

Best travel period














8 / 10


8 / 10

1 Pha Taem National Park
2 the confluence of the Mekong and the Mun River
3 the authentic Thailand in the Emerald Triangle
4 the Hua Luang waterfall and the Phanom Rung temple

Explore the freedom!

This route first takes you to Khong Chiam, beautifully situated on the Mekong. From here on out you can take a day trip to the Pa Thaem National Park. This park is famous for its age-old rock paintings. You will have a beautiful view over the Mekong here.

The cycle route takes you through the little-visited Emerald Triangle to the Huai Luang waterfall. Enjoy crystal clear water on a snow-white sandy beach under this waterfall. The Suan Loong Daeng Farm Stay also offers a relaxed après bike.

A cultural highlight is the temple of Phanom Rung on a volcanic hill. This is the best restored Khmer temple in the world.
Along the Cambodian border, you head towards the coast via Chantaburi: a city with both French and Vietnamese influences.

On the coastal route with bridges over beautiful bays, you can enjoy delicious seafood, just like the local population.
The monkeys in the Laem Sing Forest Park will try to divert your attention while you are enjoying the view over the coast and the sea. Trips to snorkeling islands are possible. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuits, because many accommodations along the way offer a refreshing swimming pool after a day of cycling. The cycling route ends in Ban Phe. Because the last route from Ban Phe to Lad Krabang is very busy, we recommend arranging transport from Ban Phe to Lad Krabang / Bangkok. You can arrange a transfer to the resort in Lad Krabang or the hotel in Bangkok in advance via our office or on-site through our agent.

When visiting Cambodia, the largest temple complex in the world, Angkor Wat, is an absolute “must see”. The city of Angkor used to be the capital of the Khmer Empire. The temples in this city were built in honor of the Hindu God Vishnu and rediscovered at the end of 1800. If you cycle this route, we have two options for cycling to this impressive temple area in Cambodia. For more information, you can contact us.

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