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Get to know South Korea by bicycle, a country with an ancient culture and a glorious past!


1260 km





Travel time:

3-4 weeks

Best travel period














8 / 10


7 / 10

1 The cities Seoul, the modern capital with old palaces and Gyeongju, once the capital of the mighty Silla Empire, with many sights
2 traditional villages listed on the World Heritage List
3 the many temples that you can visit en route including the Manbulsa Temple with 10,000 Buddhas and the Sangwan Temple with the oldest temple bell in Korea
4 a trip almost to the border with North Korea, with a visit to the DMZ museum

Explore the freedom!

Our surprising and varied route through South Korea mostly goes over quiet roads/cycle paths and through tranquil valleys. Visit beautiful national parks and special temples. Enjoy the beaches on the coast and the many fishing ports along the way. Meet South Korea, a country with an ancient culture and a glorious past.

You start your journey in Seoul, the capital of South Korea for over 600 years. A hip, modern city with its rich ancient culture still intact. Visit palaces and see how the guards in traditional clothing guard the gates. Taste the best-known side dish Kimchi in one of the many restaurants or take a look at the lively Gwangjang Market.

You almost directly enter, from your hotel, the beautiful cycle path that takes you out of Seoul. Especially during the weekend, you will attract a lot of cycling Koreans. In the first week, the route will take you on cycle paths and small roads through beautiful valleys. Along the way, you will pass a beautiful temple, a traditional village (UNESCO World Heritage), a beautiful park and the temple with the 10,000 Buddhas.

You reach Gyeongju, in the southeast. The historic city of Gyeongju, with its numerous monuments, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is considered the cultural capital. You should definitely take a look there, it is worth the effort.

After your stay in Gyeongju, you cycle towards the coast. Again you pass a beautiful traditional village (UNESCO World Heritage). Along the sea, our route will take you north, on cycle paths and small roads. You will see many crab restaurants and you will often see fish hanging to dry. Halfway through the trip, you cycle back inland. Here you will find beautiful valleys and a National Park with beautiful temples. The route is busier here and some climbing is necessary. After this, you will return to the coast. Via the coast, you will almost reach the border with North Korea! On the way, visit a few beautiful temple complexes and be sure to take a look at the, according to many, most beautiful park in the country.

You cycle back to Seoul via the northern hills, which require some heavy climbing. The last 20 km the cycle path winds through the bridges of Seoul, back to your hotel.

The route is very diverse: culture and nature alternate in an ideal way. Hygiene in South Korea is at a high level. Thus, hotel rooms are clean and the food is good. Many cities have bakeries and coffee chains. Korea is a pleasant surprise!

The first and last part of the cycle route is on flat and hilly cycle paths/roads. The middle part of the route, except along the coast, is strongly hilly alternated with sometimes tough and long climbs.

You cycle through several tunnels during this trip. These are wide enough and well lit. The road network is fine, but be aware of potholes in the road and “sunken in the asphalt” sewer hole covers.

The cycling trip through South Korea is easy to combine with our route on Kyushu Island, Japan. We are happy to make a tailor-made journey with you.
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