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“Hopping” by boat from one island to the next and cycling further through a completely different environment: that is what makes the Philippines so incredibly attractive! Our route is set out over six islands: Cebu, Bohol, Camotes, Camiquin, Siquijor, Negros.


490 – 1165 km




9 – 19

Travel time:

2.5-4 weeks

Best travel period














8 / 10


8 / 10

1 Island Hopping by boats
2 Chocolate Hills on Bohol
3 Lush tropical nature with wonderful resorts by the sea
4 Cheerful, carefree population with its “easy going lifestyle”

Explore the freedom!

After a short stay in the capital of the Filipino Visayas Islands – Cebu City – you will take the boat to the Camotes island group. There is no greater contrast with the hustle and bustle of Cebu. The quiet roads, beautiful nature and easy-going island lifestyle in full glory. The smaller islands also make it possible to cycle for a day without luggage.

You will, subsequently, go to the island of Bohol using two boats. The Chocolate Hills are the main attraction, but the Loboc River and a visit to the smallest primates in the world (the tarsiers) should certainly not be missed. Halfway through Bohol, you take a trip to the small island of Camiguin: the smaller islands often have the most charm in the Philippines! You will stay there for at least two nights to tour the island, after which you will go back to explorer Bohol further.

A boat will take you to Negros, where you will cycle in 5 stages through the southern part of the country.  These parts are still so undiscovered by tourists, so finding accommodation isn’t always easy. You will cycle past fishing villages and your fellow road users will mainly be tricycles: very nice to be part of.

You finish this part in Dumaguete, one of the nicest provinces towns in the Philippines. After one hour sailing you will reach the island of the “magic healers”, Siquijor. The ultimate Bounty island. As almost always during this trip, you will spend your nights at resorts by the sea: pure pampering! From there on out you can take two beautiful trips. Finally, two short “boat hops” take you to the south of Cebu. Along the quiet west coast, you can spend one or two nights in the village of Moalboal, known as a great place to dive, snorkel or mountain bike. Following the rest of the west coast, you will cycle towards the ending point, Cebu City. The six islands will have felt like experiencing different countries, with the ‘island hopping’ as wonderful interludes.

The many short hills in combination with the heat and high humidity influence the heaviness of the tour. As a result, the route is regularly experienced as difficult.

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