The Cycling Route Booklet

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The Cycling Route Booklet

Your loyal companion!

We have got something for everyone: short, long, hilly and flat routes, for beginners and for those more advanced.

We have prepared everything to perfection, you really make it your holiday!

Asian Way Of Life’s Cycling Route Booklet is the guide you need when you’d want to cycle carefree while keeping your freedom. Thanks to the cycle route you do not waste valuable vacation time searching for the correct way. We have tried to search for the quietest, most accessible roads as much as possible. Sometimes you will cycle on roads that are not on any map, and sometimes you will cycle on the main road because there is no other option.

Explore the freedom!

You have complete freedom in arranging your overnight stay and route yourself. We mention recommended hotels and guesthouses every day after each stage. We indicate how to get there, describe them briefly, give price indications and the necessary contact details. Our concept has a great advantage where you will remain in control, but carefree.
Would you like to stay longer? Then you have the opportunity to do just that.

Planning is easy with all the information in the Cycling Route Booklet. You can find the route by following the instructions in the Cycling Route Booklet – consisting of distances and described landmarks. For example, “km 53.7 turn right, after 100 meters you will see a temple”.

Annually we spend months to update the routes.

In the Cycling Route Booklet we describe the route step by step, mention the accommodation options and whether there is sufficient food and drinks available on the way. Possible alternatives are also mentioned, such as taking a day trip, avoiding the hills by cycling a different way, shortening or extending the route and avoiding a busy road or heavier part of the trip by taking the train or bus for a day.

All efforts and craftsmanship can be found in the Cycling Route Booklet! It is not possible to only purchase the Cycling Route Booklet, the booklet is part of the all-in package.