All-In Package

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All-In Package

Carefree adventure, the freedom that comes with biking, the scent of exotic countries:

Individual cycling trips outside Europe, that is our specialty!

ASIAN WAY OF LIFE has been bundling this competence into beautiful cycling routes for the last 35 years. Our routes are set out in a way to enjoy the freedom you want while not worrying about anything at the same time.
The Cycling Route Booklet provides direction and space: which road offers you the most cycling pleasure, where can you spend the night, what shouldn’t you miss? Above all: everything at your own pace and with your own choices. The routes are constantly updated by us to make sure you make the right choices for your trip!

We bieden je een all-in pakket:
  • Advice and service before, during and after the trip
  • The Cycling route (the Cycle Route Booklet)
  • The returning flights, including transportation of your bicycle
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel on arrival and from the hotel to the airport on your way back home (naturally with your packed bicycle)
  • Overnight stays in good quality accommodation at the start and end of your trip
  • Transportation to the starting point of your cycle route, when necessary

  • Assistance from a local travel agent during the trip if needed
  • The booklet “Traveling by Bicycle”, a general preparation to your cycling trip
  • Information about visa, money, passport and other practical matters

Extra bij te bestellen:

  • GPS track, in addition to the Cycle Route Booklet
  • Extra excursions at the destination

Explore the freedom!

You have complete freedom by arranging your overnight stay and route yourself. In the Cycling Route Booklet, after every stage we recommend hotels and guest houses. We indicate how to get there, describe them briefly, provide price indications and the necessary contact details. Our concept has the great advantage of being carefree, while still having the control over your trip. You leave when it suits you. Is there a place you would like to stay longer? Then you can do just that.
Planning is easy using the information from the Cycling Route Booklet.

Cycling routes at all difficulty levels

We have cycling routes for all difficulty levels. Distances, height profiles, quality of the roads and traffic congestion are key factors during a journey on two wheels, we happily inform you about them.
We have cycling routes for every season and can advise the most suitable cycling periods per area.