Cycling through New Zealand

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Cycling through New Zealand

Nieuw Zeeland bezoek je niet, Nieuw Zeeland verovert je! Trotseer wind en regen, geniet van zon en de milde temperatuur. Je fietst over passen en door dalen, langs meren en baaien. Schapen volgen je met hun ogen; argwanend, geen fietsers gewend.


2690 km





Travel time:

9 weeks

Best travel period














8 / 10


7 / 10

1 Mount Cook and the lakes, glaciers, and gorges
2 Spectacular fjords Millford Sound and Doubtfull Sound
3 wildlife sea lions, seals, kea’s, whales, killer whales, penguins

Explore the freedom!

You cycle past Mount Cook, New Zealand’s highest mountain. And also over an old, unraveled railway, where the Lonely Graves grant the last resting place to two outlaws, which is a story in and of itself.

Our route takes you along the south coast. Imagine yourself walking along resting sea lions during a beach walk. Just before you get back, a sea lion pops up out of the sea, shakes itself off, wobbles onto the beach, rolls into the sand and looks for a resting place against the dunes.
Even though you are close to him, he’s not impressed. The sea lion weighs 400 pounds.
A little further down you can see how penguins go to their nest after a day of fishing.
Fancy a day of lazing on the beach? Do so! Enough time remains.

In the southwestern Fjordlands, pamper yourself with a visit to Doubtfull and Milford Sound. Relaxed, a day without cycling. Observe from off a boat how the waterfalls touch the stones below. And then sail straight through it. Enjoy seeing the playing seals and dolphins around the boat.

Cycle on to Queenstown, known as the world’s outdoor sports center. A dive from an airplane, a boat trip on a wild river, or just taking the cable car up? Everything is possible.

After this, you cycle through the spectacular Kawarau gorge.
You pass the Kawarau suspension bridge, where bungy jumping was invented. The tour goes via two lakes to the west coast. Where you can see the breathtaking views of the snow-capped Southern Alps.
Feel like swimming? Dive into a lake. The water there is crystal clear.

On the West Coast, you will have to be lucky. It can rain for days, but it can also be beautiful weather for weeks.
You will visit the glaciers, which penetrate the sea through narrow gorges. You can do this both on foot and by helicopter. Hokitika is a nice seaside town to visit. However, you will not get further than paddling there, the sea is too rough. From Greymouth you can return to Christchurch by train.

This train journey is known as one of the most beautiful in the world. If you do not take the train and cycle further along the coast, you will be able to visit the Pancake Rocks and the Blowholes.  Where the water spurts from holes in the rocks.

Through a beautiful gorge you cycle north. The north coast is busier but has many nice places.
You continue cycling past beautiful bays that cut deep into the country to Picton.

From here the boat leaves to the North Island. Our route goes south, over the busier road 1. Yet, it is so enjoyable. On the right, the mountains, on the left, the sea. With hundreds of sea lions on the rocks. Their young ones frolic in the pools. Finally, reserve some time for Kaikoura. You can take a beautiful walk on the peninsula, watch whales and swim with dolphins. A few more days, and you will be back in Christchurch. In the end, New Zealand has undoubtedly captured you. You will have had an incredible experience!

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