The Challenge

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The Challenge

An exciting and spectacular cycle route for the go-getter, for the traveler who takes the time! Get to know the two exotic capitals Bangkok and Singapore and everything in between: tropical sandy beaches, dense jungle, Buddhist temples, idyllic islands, beautiful sights, interesting villages and towns, kampongs, fishing villages and much more.


3110 km




56 to 60

Travel time:

8 weeks

Best travel period














8 / 10


7 / 10

1 Bangkok and Singapore, two bustling cities
2 Buddhist life in Thailand
3 beaches, tropical jungle and national parks

Explore the freedom!

Living healthy for eight weeks: cycling, sweating, gaining impressions, making friends, swimming, snorkeling and letting go of your every day worries. Tasty food and relaxing at the end of the day!

After an introduction to Bangkok, you will be brought to Phetburi, situated about 135 km below Bangkok. From there on you will start cycling along the East Coast of Thailand, along beautiful beaches and nature parks. In Chumpon you cross to the other coast and cycle straight through the tropical rainforest. You continue your way through small villages to the south of Thailand to Satun, the border town with Malaysia.

You will become acquainted with typical Thai cities, beautiful karst mountains rising from the sea, interesting, colorful villages, tropical rain forests, and various fascinating islands.

In Malaysia, you will start off by following the East-West Highway, which will take you over the ridge and beyond a vast area of ​​reservoirs, with beautiful views. Don’t be surprised if a small elephant herd crosses the road! Following, you cycle through the inlands of Malaysia. There are lots of places along the way where you could stay longer: to rest, take a jungle walk, swim, sunbathe or stroll through a town. For example, how about a few days of hiking in Taman Negara, the National Park of Malaysia with the oldest tropical rainforest in the world? Or a visit to one of the tropical islands off the coast? The end of your journey is in Singapore. This cosmopolitan city is definitely worth a few days.

The route is accurately described so that you do not have to waste time getting lost or searching for a place to spend the night. Of course, we will try to guide you on quiet roads as much as possible. Some roads of the route are not on any map.

From Singapore, you fly back to Schiphol. Many experiences richer, 3000 km of wonder and astonishment behind you and with memories that you will hold forever.

If possible: wait no longer, experience this unique journey!

If you want to skip Bangkok, you can also start this journey at the famous floating market in Damnoen Saduak. It is also a possibility to expand this route with, for example, “From Kunming to Bangkok”.
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