Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia: from Hanoi to Siem Reap

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Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia: from Hanoi to Siem Reap

A fascinating bicycle journey of almost 1800 km through the north of Vietnam, the south of Laos and the north of Cambodia. Three special countries that, in addition to similarities, also have many differences.


1780 km





Travel time:

6 weeks

Best travel period














8 / 10


8 / 10

1 Atmospheric Hanoi
2 The karst mountain range around Ninh Binh
3 Bolaven plateau, with its waterfalls and coffee plantations
4 Angkor Wat, largest temple complex in the world

Explore the freedom!

Enjoy cycling among the steep limestone rocks in Vietnam, be amazed by the beauty of the waterfalls at the Bolaven plateau in Laos and discover the temples of Angkor in Cambodia. Get to know the beautiful nature and culture that these countries have to offer and taste the delicious food in the local restaurants.

If you like to cycle on trails hardly discovered, this cycling adventure is for you!

The cycle route starts in bustling Hanoi. Immerse yourself in the sultry bustle of this historic city. You won’t quickly forget the performance of the Water Puppet Theater. Make a trip from Hanoi to Halogn Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with breathtaking landscapes.

Vietnam can be very busy and sometimes chaotic. Scooters will pass you honking. The cycle route takes you to Ninh Binh, which is also called “dry Halong Bay”. You will cycle between the high limestone mountains that rise above many rice fields and water features. Breathtaking! You will also cycle past the imposing and largest temple complex of South-East Asia, with hundreds of statues of monks and the largest Buddha statue in Vietnam. The route takes you through the remains of the UNESCO Citadel of the Ho Dynasty and to the birthplace of Ho Chi Minh. You reach Laos through a steep but beautiful climb.

Laos is a relaxed country with a friendly population. The route leads through a spectacular nature reserve towards the intimate town of Thakhek, where you can relax on the Mekong River. Or how about eating a baguette in Savannahket, a city with a colonial past? You cycle further to the Bolaven plateau, an exceptional landform with many waterfalls, known for its coffee plantations. You reach the highest point of this route at 1310 meters. At the four thousand islands you will alternate cycling with boat trips between the various islands and enjoy spectacular waterfalls that are amongst the most beautiful in Asia.

In untouched Cambodia, you will also find a friendly population and will be greeted enthusiastically throughout the day. The quiet roads are wonderful to cycle on. The route leads you through the inland to Siem Reap, from where you can visit the beautiful temple complexes of Angkor, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Feel free to take a few days for it, it will be very worth it. You cycle through areas where tourists rarely come.  You will be stunned by all you see. You will most likely be an attraction yourself as well!

This is an adventurous route. You occasionally cycle on unpaved roads. In Vietnam, the stages are predominantly (slightly) hilly and occasionally flat. The climb to the border with Laos is tough, followed by a hilly route. Subsequently, however, a beautiful descent to the Mekong river. From here on a number of routes are unpaved. The road to the Bolaven plateau in South Laos rises steadily, with one steep climb of around 5 km; flat stages follow the descent. Cambodia is mostly flat to slightly hilly.

Important to know:
You can also end this route in Phnom Penh instead of Siem Reap.
This route connects with our “The Discovery” cycle route from Kunming to Hanoi. This route is also extendable. From Siem Reap, you can continue cycling towards Bangkok, or take the boat/bus to Phnom Penh. From Phnom Penh, you can continue your journey towards Ho Chi Minh City. We can put together a tailor-made trip for you.
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