Japan Kyushu Island

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Japan Kyushu Island

Get acquainted with the age-old and idiosyncratic culture of Japan. Cycle past volcanoes and coasts with deep coves, past modern and ancient cities. And bow, bow, bow. Because the Japanese are very polite people.


970 km





Travel time:

4 weeks

Best travel period














7 / 10


7 / 10

1 the temples on the East Coast
2 the volcano Sukurajima
3 Nagasaki with Dejima and the atomic bomb museum
4 Get to know Japanese culture, its spas and, last but not least, delicious Sushi

Explore the freedom!

Our route in Japan takes you over the southern island of Kyushu. This island will give you a good impression of Japan. The circular route avoids the vast urban and industrial areas. No need to take complicated train and bus journeys.

Your journey starts and ends in Fukuoka, a large city in northern Kyushu. You cycle through the inlands of the island to the east coast. You can go off-route and visit Aso, the largest volcano crater in the world. On the east coast, you can visit an old temple town. The route will take you along bays with tranquil fishing villages. Many ospreys guide you along the route while you encounter monkeys. Once South, the route curves to the west and you cycle along the Sakurajima volcano to Kagoshima. You will then continue on to the West Coast and across the peaceful island of Amakusa to Nagasaki. Nagasaki is a big city, beautifully situated in the bay. The Atomic Bomb Museum will give you an impression of the detrimental consequences of the second atomic bomb. More cheerful is the visit to Dejima, the artificial island, managed by the Dutch and for centuries the only contact between Japan and the outside world.

The buildings are beautifully restored and give a good impression of daily life in this desolate place. The Glover garden, which is beautifully situated above the bay, is also worth a visit.

Following, you will cycle north along the West Coast and see a copy of Hoorn in Holland Village and many counterfeit Dutch buildings in “Huis ten Bosch”. Quite surprising when the Dom Tower turns up in the Japanese hills. The route ends again in Fukuoka.

Japan is densely populated and urbanized. Most cities are large and modern. And the roads are often busy. You mainly cycle on cycle paths that you share with pedestrians in the cities.

The hotels are good. Spa hotels are expensive but very special. Sometimes there are youth hostels and campsites. Wild camping is difficult because there are few suitable places.

Restaurants offer both Japanese and Western food. And supermarkets are well sorted.

The price level in Japan is similar to European pricing.

During the “Golden Week” in Japan (April 29th – May 5th), we advise you to book your accommodation in advance. This is a holiday period for the Japanese. This trip can easily be combined with our trip to South Korea.
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