Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa

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Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa

Bali is, without exaggerating, a paradise. Only rarely will you find a place in the world that combines beautiful nature with impressive culture. Bali is touristy, yet while cycling you leave mass tourism quickly behind. Lombok and Sumbawa are surprisingly beautiful additions.


1160 km





Travel time:

5 weeks

Best travel period














9 / 10


8 / 10

1 Ubud, the center of cultural life in Bali
2 Bali with its Hindu culture, beautiful rice fields and delicious food
3 Lovina, a dolphin excursion in the early morning
4 Sumbawa with its impressive landscapes, views, fishing villages and salt pans

Explore the freedom!

The beautiful rice fields in terrace style, the unique Hindu culture with all its authentic temples and ceremonies, the fantastic sandy beaches, the possibilities for various excursions and hikes, this all ensures that you will not lack anything during this holiday. Bali is Indonesia at its best!

The cycle route is hilly, with difficult climbs, however, the average stage is only 34 km long.

Add to this the excellent accommodation, often with a swimming pool and your own bungalow, as well as the most delicious food and you will understand that a cycling holiday in Bali is much more than just cycling. This fascinating island is ideal as your first introduction to Indonesia.

The cycling route is combined with Lombok, however you can still choose on the spot whether you visit the fascinating island. Lombok doesn’t lack in beautiful beaches and views. The island has many idyllic Gili’s (atolls) off its coasts, where you can admire beautiful coral and colorful fish. You can take a boat trip to various places during the trip to go diving or snorkeling. Choose to make an excursion to the volcano (Gunung Rinjani) or visit traditional Sasak villages. Just like Bali, Lombok also has some difficult climbs, but it will be all well worth it once you experience what it has to offer!

For those who want to see and cycle more than just Bali and Lombok, it can also interesting to visit Sumbawa. The island only has one road, however, you will most definitely not be bored. You cycle past picturesque, traditional stilt houses and fishing villages. Enjoy the beautiful views of the dozens of salt pans that you encounter along the way. From Sape you can take the ferry to Flores and from there make an excursion to the Komodo Islands. In the end, you can cycle back or take a minivan to the ferry for the crossing to Lombok. The culture and nature on both islands is particularly interesting.

This cycle tour is suitable for people who have an eye for nature and culture, who want to enjoy the sun, sea, good food and relax and who are not afraid of hard climbs. While cycling you will frequently break a sweat, but what can possibly be nicer than arriving at your accommodation in the afternoon, satisfied with a lot of new impressions.

You start and end your bike ride in Seminyak, where we have reserved a nice accommodation, including a swimming pool in the middle of a tropical garden. Ideal to take a rest before and after the long flight and to prepare for the adventure that is to come.

The cycling stages in Bali and Lombok are so short that you can easily combine stages.
You can also fly back from Lombok. You will then skip a part of Bali.
Bicycle rental is possible.
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