Cuba and Morocco as new destinations

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Two new destinations will be introduced to our program in 2020: Cuba and Morocco.

Cuba, a country where time has stood still. The land of salsa music, cigars, and vintage cars. Combine that with low-traffic roads and a “cycling Valhalla” is complete.

Morocco, I was once surprised myself that such a completely different culture can be found at such a short distance from the Netherlands. Not only that: there is a lot of diversity in landscapes from the High Atlas to the volcanic mountains to the desert with its oases. Accommodations feel like you get sucked into a fairy tale; riads, kashabs. The country where the legendary adventure film “Lawrence of Arabia” was shot. Truly a thousand and one-night destination.

We will be leaving this spring to fine-tune both routes, as we have been to both destinations before. Both of them are destinations we are very excited about!

Your cycling trip through Cuba or Morocco can already be booked, with a departure date from 1 July 2020.

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