Across Cambodia

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Across Cambodia

A fascinating cycle route which takes you to three countries: Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The emphasis however is on Cambodia, hence the name of this route: “Across Cambodia”.


1800 km




19 to 27

Travel time:

4 to 6 weeks

Best travel period














8 / 10


8 / 10

1 Angkor Wat, largest temple complex in the world
2 Sparkling Phnom Penh
3 Boat trip to one of the Floating Markets
4 Memorial monuments of the Killing Fields

Explore the freedom!

The cycle route starts in Lad Krabang, one of Bangkok’s suburbs. During the route, you will mostly cycle on quiet roads with temples, palm- and rubber tree plantations, rice fields and fish farms. Visit a floating market and see thousands of Megabats (also called Old World fruit bats) hanging in trees. Along your route, you will come across a giant pink Ganesha, a Hindu god with an elephant’s head.

After five cycling days, you cross the border to untouched Cambodia. The first three stages are on a major road. You will then reach Siem Reap, from where you can visit the beautiful temple complexes at Angkor, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can visit everything by bike. Feel free to take a few days for it, it is very worth your while.

You then cycle through a region where tourists rarely visit, via a slightly hilly route to the north of Cambodia. The roads are beautiful and quiet. Along the way, you can visit a few beautiful (ruin) temple complexes. Your route will guide you then along the mighty Mekong River to the south. You cross the Mekong several times and cycle through authentic, often simple villages. You will be stunned by all you see. You will most likely be an attraction yourself!

You reach the bustling city of Phnom Penh, where life is good and where we have set out a cycle route that passes all the major sights to see. From Phnom Penh, you can visit the Killing Fields.

The cycle route then brings you further south. You can relax near the coast in the town of Kampot. From here you can, for example, visit Rabbit Island or a pepper plantation. What about a cycle tour through the salt fields?

From where you can, for example, go to Rabbit Island or visit a pepper plantation. Or how about a bike tour through the salt fields? In the southeast of Cambodia, you cross the border to Vietnam. In the busy Mekong Delta we have succeeded to find stunning roads. Here you can visit the tropical island of Phu Quoc or take a boat trip to the floating markets. Watch how incense sticks are made or enjoy beautiful views. You will of course cross the river several times by ferry and conquer many (sometimes very steep) bridges. Your final destination is Ho Chi Minh City, where you will reminiscence on all the amazing experiences of your trip on the roof terrace of your hotel.

The entire cycle route is mostly flat. Only after Siem Reap a few stages are considered slightly hilly. The road surface is mostly of good condition, except for the stage to Phnom Penh, where about 17 km road surface is of very bad quality.
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