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Monique Satink

I can call myself a proud owner of Asian Way of Life, since March 1, 2019, and that feels like: destination reached!

My background is in physiotherapy: I had my own physiotherapy practice for almost 20 years. My passion is cycling and traveling and it is wonderful being able to put all my energy into it now.

I have made many cycling trips with my four children in Europe. Later I started exploring other parts of the world by bicycle: in my experience it is the ultimate way to experience a country in all its facets.

To smell, to ‘feel’, to listen, to get in touch with the local population, to ‘live through’ the culture and the landscape. By letting it penetrate all your pores.

Every time I travel, I feel like it is a privilege to be able to cycle at that specific spot on the world map: to be amazed by the beautiful nature, culture and how the population lives.

In recent years, together with my partner (from Tropical Cyclist, a cycling travel organization with a different concept), I have set out and guided many trips. Together we share our passion for traveling by bicycle. Due to my enthusiasm for cycling and experience, I think it’s great to be able to help you on your way to an unforgettable cycling trip at a special destination outside of Europe!

After my tourism studies, I started in 1999 as a travel consultant at a travel agency. From that moment on until 2013, I advised travelers with great pleasure and enthusiasm and organized their vacations worldwide. After a trip to another industry myself, I joined the AWOL team in August 2018. It is nice to be back in the travel world!

My first introduction to Asia was a trip to Bali and Lombok. Later I also visited East Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) and West Malaysia. In West Malaysia, I visited Kuala Lumpur, traveled through the Cameron Highlands and ended the trip in Penang.

I have been surprised by the beautiful nature and culture that these countries have to offer. Asia directly rose to the top of my list of favorite travel destinations! I am happy to contribute to your cycling trip through Asia!

Marlies Kaspers

Rebecca Rademaker

For a long time I was contemplating between studying law or tourism and I am so happy that I chose the latter! After completing my education in tourism and then business administration, I started at a group travel specialist, where I saw and learned a lot of and about Europe. After, I decided to look at a more global picture and that was when I started working at Asian Way of Life.

Traveling and gaining new experiences is energizing and so it is a pleasure to work at AWOL every day. Myanmar and New Zealand are the two destinations of AWOL that are the highest on my wish list. I would love to hear your travel story or wish so that we can put together a fantastic journey.