35 years of experience

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35 years of experience

Individual cycling trips outside Europe, that is our specialty! Already for more than 35 years.

There is no better way to get acquainted with a country, its nature, and the local population than by bicycle. You experience everything much more intensively: all of your senses are stimulated!
You can travel alone, with your partner or in other self-chosen company.

We have recorded every cycle route in our Cycling Route Booklet, with an additionally available GPS track. The Cycling Route Booklet provides direction and space: which road will offer you the most cycling pleasure, where could you stay for the night, what shouldn’t you miss? And above all: everything at your own pace and with your own choices. The routes are constantly updated by us to make sure you can make the best choices possible.

Explore the freedom!

A large part of our team – with years of cycling experience in various countries outside Europe – is constantly on the move to check the routes and, where necessary, to renew them. The environment of the routes are constantly changing and so do we, by continuously adapting the Cycling Route Booklets. Thanks to these changes/innovations, our routes really do remain up-to-date!
All accommodations in our Cycling Route Booklets are visited and assessed. To do so, we are really grateful for the feedback sent in by our travelers too.

Your cycling route booklet is printed one month before departure, this ensures that you will get the most recent information possible.

AWOL is always busy developing new cycling routes. Originally the emphasis was on Asia, now also outside this area.

When you will cycle outside of Europe your bike will be taken along on the plane. We will ensure your bicycle can come along. We work together with renowned airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Eva Air, and KLM. The advantage of taking your own bicycle is that you can control the quality of your materials.